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A heart ache isn’t technically a medical condition.
But, That doesn’t explain
why I’m constantly being sent to the hospital
that is my bedroom filled with loud music
when my heart beats a little too hard and loud.
That doesn’t explain
the constant trips to the ER
that is me drifting away
into sleep to shut out the hurt.
That doesn’t explain
the unstopping medication and pills
that is the art I put everything into,
so that for an hour or two,
I’m distracted and not thinking about
how my heart is a dingy in the sea with small holes, slowly getting larger and filling up the boat,
leaving me to drown in the saltiness of my depression.
If a heartache isn’t a real medical condition,
then why is it that so many people take their own chance to live away? Tell me, why do people consider a heartache
to be so minor
when I can feel the sadness
in my bones
and my stomach drop
to the ground?
A heartache is a fatality with which we do not ever want to have to endure.
It may not be considered a medical condition,
but it sure is considered to be a bitch.

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